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Water Damage Testimonials

In January I had a very hard situation with my grandma and her house.  She was obviously very nervous about trusting a company to come in to help fix the issue.   I have to say that using SERVPRO was the best decision I made.  Their skilled people were amazing and very careful and respectful of all my grandma's belongings.  Tyler and Cody were absolutely amazing Project Managers and everyone in there crew, made this very difficult time - so much easier.  I would recommend them highly for their care, organization skills and their overall understanding of my concerns.  I couldn't have asked for anything better!

I honestly cannot begin to describe just how wonderful this company was to me and to my mother.  My mother is 86 years old and a cancer patient, and had concurrent issues- a water heater leak in her condominium and a leak through her kitchen ceiling from the neighbor's dishwasher upstairs.  It was an epic mess.  These men were totally professional determining the scope of the work to be performed, its execution, supplying us with a detailed and clear estimate before beginning the work and likewise for the bill after the work was performed, followed up for any punch work to be performed after the fact, cleaned up after themselves each day and started and finished each day exactly at the specified times.  Honestly, it's been a rare occurrence to have any contractor I've hired in the past to show up on time, even show up at all, so this was both a hugely pleasant surprise and a blessing with a sick parent to care for and which gave me an opportunity to actually plan for her needs as well during the remediation and repairs.  To say these gentleman, (and that's what they ARE), were polite, even friendly, accommodating to my needs caring for my mother while they worked, would be an understatement.  I could not have been more pleased and my mother could not have been made happier in a difficult situation.  My gratitude goes with these gentleman for all they did for us.  I can't thank them enough.  Perhaps this review can be of some thanks to them if you hire them after reading it as it is 100% true and accurate.  You will be nothing but pleased working with this very fair, detailed, decent and hardworking team of professionals.  Call them today.  Without hesitation or reserve, they are your guys!  Put their phone number on speed dial!

This week a pipe burst in our home.The worry and anxiety of handling this issue was relieved when my plumber recommended SERVPRO. I couldn’t be happier. Rich and Tyler walked me through the process including being on phone with me as I called my insurance company. They had heaters brought in same night , the following day dehumidifiers and fans to dry up. Today, a team led by Ronny came in and packed everything up carefully in boxes and Saran wrapped all the rest to protect it from damage. ordered a Pod and besides measuring the moisture in all damaged areas, cut away all the wet Sheetrock - multiple rooms and tore up floors where needed especially my entire finished basement. I did not have to do anything . Besides all of that, they- Ronny, John, Steve and Mike did all the cleanup - from carting away garbage to sweeping and mopping as if nothing happened. Was extremely impressed because anytime I have had work done, there has been dust, garbage and cleanup that I needed to do. Thanks and happy we chose your company. I truly appreciate Ronny explaining the next steps and look forward to reconstruction from your company. I am at ease now knowing it will handled in such a professional manner as it has been thus far.

SERVPRO came to my house for flood issue from the oil burner release valve. They came right away and were fast to asses the situation. All the people that worked for the company are amazing, They are kind, respectful, trustworthy and helpful during the situation, They answered all my questions and guided me every step of the way. I highly recommend this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are amidst a nightmare you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Internal grey matter flood from an upstairs condominium apartment. Well, one saving grace was calling SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma. These guys and girls have gone above and beyond to make our lives as normal as could possibly be during the cleanup and reconstruction phase of this immense project. Their vision has been so far ahead through every aspect to date you feel like this disaster ride has been enjoyable. I know that sounds crazy. Our first call to Tyler instilled confidence. TJ and Kat's arrival boosted our initial feeling of safety. Today, two weeks in to our nightmare, Kat returned with an incredible crew of guys to assist with clearing out and storage allowing for reconstruction to commence in a spacious environment. Thank you SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma. You guys rock.

On June 20, 2018 I came home to a flooded basement, SERVPRO was here immediately. to assess the damage. I was nervous, scared and stressed.. They sat with me explained and helped me with what I was to do and how to do it. How to explain to my homeowners insurance people what had happened and assured me everything was going to okay. They were right . The SERVPRO team showed up when they said they would, they were on time, courteous, knowledgeable as they continued to let me know progress, What they were doing etc. I received calls asking if there were any questions and if I was okay and how the team was doing. The situation and damage was completed in a timely fashion. What could have been a highly stressful ordeal was not due to the nature of the SERVPRO team and there quick response. The overall professionalism throughout the repair and remodel was top notch.Distinctly and favorably recommend this company.

Called at 7:15 at night due to a leak in my basement. Ronny answered the call immediately and was at my house within 20 minutes - way ahead of when he said he would be. He was friendly, knowledgeable and courteous and assessed the situation right away. His crew was there within 45 minutes and ripped down the sheetrock- trying to make as little a mess as possible. They found the problem and then their boss Steve came by at 10 pm to fix/replace the pipe that had a pinhole leak. They were back at 9:30 this morning and have begun the tear out and packing up of the contents so they could do the rebuild as fast as possible AND are dealing with my Insurance company. SUPERIOR SERVICE- top notch!!! If you ever have this type of problem you have to use SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma - Ronny, Steve and the whole team will take care of you.

Quick helpful service.

I had a flooded basement & you guys were awesome. It truly was like it never happened. A great company.

Prompt & Courteous.  Thank you!

Great bunch of Employee's.

Awesome job!  Thank you!

To everyone at SERVPRO Ronkonkoma, you are a credit to the SERVPRO brand and genuinely some of the nicest people out there.

If you ever have the misfortune I did of returning to your home after a vacation and finding that your pipes froze and burst, do exactly what I did and call SERVPRO Ronkonkoma.  My house was built only 5 years ago.  I thought something like this could never happen.  

I was away on vacation and came back to find water and ice crystals on the floor in several rooms.  When I walked into my house it was forty-two degrees INSIDE!    When you guys arrived, you could immediately tell how aggravated and concerned I was.  Within twenty minutes I was calmed down and assured me you guys would take care of everything. 

They explained to me how this can happen despite homes being newly built.  Next, they showed me some steps they would have taken during the installation to prevent something like this from occurring.  I felt like I was on HGTV with Mike Holmes.  They re-insulated my walls and assured me this would never happen again.   The SERVPRO team not only took care of the mess, but, as licensed plumbers, they were able to address the actual cause of the problem.

You went above and beyond and I look forward to recommending you frequently.