What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

Steven, your crew is doing a fantastic job; quick, polite..professional.  Ahran is a LEADER...not just the guy "in charge".  Thank you for helping me.

We are very happy with how fast and well the job was cleaned up.  We have limited warehouse floor space so it was great that the the spill was cleaned up faster than they said it would take.

Absolutely happy with the service provided by SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma.

Our office was back in business the next day.  Everything the crew did was great. I would absolutely recommend SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma we are very happy.

The team is Excellent!  Everyone is very professional and thorough.

Your team was awesome and did a great job.  You handled everything.

We had just completed a broad upgrade to the Savoy Hotel and were set to re-open, when Hurricane Irma hit. We have been closed for emergency repairs since. Within hours of the storm, Steven & his team were there with a passion, work ethic and care reserved for owners, maybe family and lifelong friends.  Steven stands alone, completely dedicated to doing his best to protect the property.  This included performing well above and beyond the call of duty 24/7, without a break for 4 weeks straight.  I wanted Steven to GC and rebuild the Hotel, but he was returning to NY.  Before he left, he told me to let him know if I was in a jam.  I could not find anyone with a fraction of the care or dedication Steven brought to his work, so I called him.  He immediately returned to Florida with a crew.  Again, they worked around the clock, through New Year’s Eve, and he got us back on schedule.  He made sure the plumbing and electric at the property was completed perfectly, before returning to NY. I am blessed to have met Steven and am truly excited to work with him in any way, shape or form possible in the future. He is a unique individual - the type of person you may be lucky enough to experience in your lifetime.

Tyler and his team were out to my space right away on New Years day.  They did a great job!