What our Customers say...


The Fans, Dehumidifiers and air scrubbers have done wonders, especially the air scrubber.  I wanted to thank you for everything you did for us and let you know that your guys picked up everything you had set up for us.  like everything else associated with your outfit, the guys were professional, first rate, prompt and courteous.  Again from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for helping my son and I.

Donna, I wanted to say Thank you!  You have been so helpful and the guys did an amazing job.  They remediated my house with grace and efficiency :) . They were respectful, on task and very patient with my questions and what not.  It's hard to find people that do a good job and do what they say.  So you guys are ranked very high on my list.  

Steven, your crew is doing a fantastic job; quick, polite..professional.  Ahran is a LEADER...not just the guy "in charge".  Thank you for helping me.

Amazing!!!! Had a massive amount of water/sewage damage in my home on Tuesday and this crew worked so hard and so fast to get it cleaned up and smell free. I am so grateful for the amazing work this crew did. Thank you so much for making such a horrible stressful experience less horrible and less stressful. You guys are awesome!

We are very happy with how fast and well the job was cleaned up.  We have limited warehouse floor space so it was great that the the spill was cleaned up faster than they said it would take.

Although my work is still on going, the cleaning and electrical work has gone incredibly well.  My electric was up and running much faster than planned.  What the electrical company said  would take 3 weeks, your team was able to handle in two days.  Ronny is great and very responsive.  I'm very happy!

When the pipe burst in my house during one of the nasty winter storms we had this year, you got to us very quickly and the staff was awesome and respectful.  I'm telling everyone I know about your service.  Thank you!

Absolutely happy with the service provided by SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma.

Your crew was on site fast and did a great job.  I will definitely call you the next time I have an issue.

Our office was back in business the next day.  Everything the crew did was great. I would absolutely recommend SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma we are very happy.

SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma is great!  They made an awful time, manageable.

I interviewed several companies and chose Carl at SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma because of his professionalism and his knowledge of the mold remediation process.  

I really appreciate how the crew was very careful with my belongings.  The way they worked so well together also showed how knowledgeable they are.

Called at 7:15 at night due to a leak in my basement. Ronny answered the call immediately and was at my house within 20 minutes - way ahead of when he said he would be. He was friendly, knowledgeable and courteous and assessed the situation right away. His crew was there within 45 minutes and ripped down the sheetrock- trying to make as little a mess as possible. They found the problem and then their boss Steve came by at 10 pm to fix/replace the pipe that had a pinhole leak. They were back at 9:30 this morning and have begun the tear out and packing up of the contents so they could do the rebuild as fast as possible AND are dealing with my Insurance company. SUPERIOR SERVICE- top notch!!! If you ever have this type of problem you have to use SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma - Ronny, Steve and the whole team will take care of you.

They did such a great job.  I had a water leak in my basement.  SERVPRO came within a few hours.  Cleaned everything up.  Once everything was rebuilt it looked as good as new.

The team is Excellent!  Everyone is very professional and thorough.

Your team was awesome and did a great job.  You handled everything.

Steven was great.  We found our issue when we were preparing to sell our home and Steven was recommended by my Granddaughter.  They were punctual and came when they said they would.  They were quick, clean, did a thorough job and cleaned up everything.  You don't find that kind of attention today.  I would highly recommend Steven and his team.

Steven was amazing and he handled everything.  I recommended him to my Grandmother when she had a problem.  I would highly recommend him to anyone!

We had just completed a broad upgrade to the Savoy Hotel and were set to re-open, when Hurricane Irma hit. We have been closed for emergency repairs since. Within hours of the storm, Steven & his team were there with a passion, work ethic and care reserved for owners, maybe family and lifelong friends.  Steven stands alone, completely dedicated to doing his best to protect the property.  This included performing well above and beyond the call of duty 24/7, without a break for 4 weeks straight.  I wanted Steven to GC and rebuild the Hotel, but he was returning to NY.  Before he left, he told me to let him know if I was in a jam.  I could not find anyone with a fraction of the care or dedication Steven brought to his work, so I called him.  He immediately returned to Florida with a crew.  Again, they worked around the clock, through New Year’s Eve, and he got us back on schedule.  He made sure the plumbing and electric at the property was completed perfectly, before returning to NY. I am blessed to have met Steven and am truly excited to work with him in any way, shape or form possible in the future. He is a unique individual - the type of person you may be lucky enough to experience in your lifetime.

Carl and his team were out to my space right away on New Years day.  They did a great job!

Greatly appreciate how Carl and Steven are on top of everything and how their attention to detail along with the construction of containment tunnel, has protected our home from further damage.

Steven was amazing.  He was there so quick and he took care of everything.

Professional, clean, worry free & extremely knowledgeable.

SERVPRO staff did a great job. They were onsite immediately and cleaned everything.  They cleaned every bottle and behind all of the fixtures.  They had us back in service the next day.

Quick helpful service.

Hard to find the words to describe my experience with Steven and his company because no words come to mind to adequately describe my satisfaction.  They were very reliable.  If they promised something, they did as promised.  Very knowledgeable of all aspects of the work they do.  They sure left my place spotless.  I would have been lost without them.  My handyman, Paul, had gotten a card from Steven at a place they both were at for breakfast.  I called Steven and he returned my call promptly and was at my house the very next day.  I never had to wait for a return phone call and all my questions were always answered.  Steven, his company and their crew or superior.  If you ever need help or are unsure of which way to turn I would highly recommend contacting them.

First of all I really want to thank you and your expert team for helping us get out of a terrible mess with Hurricane Irma.  Our entire house took 8 inches of muddy saltwater.  Your quick response to our needs saved my home.     My wife and I have never experienced such a terrible mess.  Your professional experience made life so much easier for us.  The drywall was removed and the mold was treated in a very timely manner.  The high power dehumidifiers and fans completely dried out our home.  Most of our personal possessions we saved.   All of our house was packed in boxes and labeled.  We are nearly done with everything and ready to move back in our wonderful home.   Thank you SERVPRO.

I had a flooded basement & you guys were awesome. It truly was like it never happened. A great company.

I could not be any happier with how Steven Kilmeade took care of me during the flooding from Harvey.  Out of 183 homes in my neighborhood, only 9 weren't damaged.  We literally had a river running down our main street with strong current and rapids.  Steven called me immediately to come out and inspect….

He was easily the first to get in my neighborhood in days.  He walked me through the entire process of what to expect and who does what.  He was so dang nice, I thought he had to be shady.  He said he was going to try to get equipment into my house the following day.  I thought there was no way.  He was in my house on Labor Day while the river was still going.  He was able to save countless cabinets in my house, expensive custom cabinets.  My builder came in while they were there and started taking plumbing out of my bathroom to pull cabinets.  Steve intervened and showed why they were fine.  Once my builder saw this, he agreed.  After Steve picked up his equipment, my builder measured moisture in the kitchen and thought he needed to pull cabinets….  Steve was out in literally 30 minutes with equipment.  He said he thought all was good but wanted me to be happy.  His crew measured with their equipment.  They got a wet reading on one side of the wood, but when he read the unfinished side, it was bone dry.  Steve still left the equipment there to calm my concerns and at no charge.  The next day my builder said our laundry cabinets needed to be pulled.  I called Steve asking if they could pull them.  He said he feels the house was dry but sent a crew out again after they worked all day.  They helped me cut a hole in the garage behind the laundry room and found the are totally dry and again no charge.  Where do you find that kind of customer service?

Very clean and courteous.  Thank you!

Prompt & Courteous.  Thank you!

Great bunch of Employee's.

Great Service!  Prevented any damages from initial loss.  No Mold!!!  No Mildew!!!

Knowledgeable friendly staff.

Awesome job!  Thank you!

Phil & I want you and your crew to know how much we appreciate your help at our home in Key Coloney Beach, Florida.  You were fast and efficient and friendly.  Thank you!

To Steven and your crew at SERVPRO, we owe you so much gratitude for your excellent response to our water issue in our kitchen.  From the onset of this issue, you immediately gave us the comfort we needed and we knew we would get through a desperate situation with you by our side.  This damage had the potential of shutting down our family daycare business.  However, with your quick response and the way you stayed on top of the insurance company, while paying very close care and attention to all of our needs, we were able to maintain daily care for the children without any interruption.  This meant so much to us, as well as the families whose children's care I am responsible for.   We are so appreciative of the job your crew did, not only with such great skill but with care, kindness and enthusiasm.  We are telling everyone we know that if they need help with any water or fire issues, you are the crew to call - without question!

Thank you all so much for a job SUPERBLY done which forever will be EXTREMELY appreciated!

We are writing you to express our sincere appreciation for the prompt, courteous and professional service we received from the time of your initial arrival (midnight of our damage incident!) through the entire process. We called and you and Paul arrived within the hour and immediately began to assess the damage we had just incurred. You explained the process we were about to begin in great detail, immediately laying to rest all concerns we had about repairs, insurance and getting our lives back in order. Right then and there we were able to read and sign all relevant documents to engage you and your team and you even took the time to help us file with our insurer! Knowing from day 1 what to expect through the entire process (repairs, cleaning, replacement, insurance, etc.) and having you and Paul basically handling the entire process allowed us to get on with our lives in spite of the damage that had just been done to our home. Your team kept in constant contact and remained transparent throughout the entire process; you treated us as if we were your only client. Knowing you are always only a phone call away is reassuring. We truly appreciate you treating us as your number 1 priority! We are very happy with you, Paul and the entire SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma team!

To everyone at SERVPRO Ronkonkoma, you are a credit to the SERVPRO brand and genuinely some of the nicest people out there.

If you ever have the misfortune I did of returning to your home after a vacation and finding that your pipes froze and burst, do exactly what I did and call SERVPRO Ronkonkoma.  My house was built only 5 years ago.  I thought something like this could never happen.  

I was away on vacation and came back to find water and ice crystals on the floor in several rooms.  When I walked into my house it was forty-two degrees INSIDE!    When you guys arrived, you could immediately tell how aggravated and concerned I was.  Within twenty minutes I was calmed down and assured me you guys would take care of everything. 

They explained to me how this can happen despite homes being newly built.  Next, they showed me some steps they would have taken during the installation to prevent something like this from occurring.  I felt like I was on HGTV with Mike Holmes.  They re-insulated my walls and assured me this would never happen again.   The SERVPRO team not only took care of the mess, but, as licensed plumbers, they were able to address the actual cause of the problem.

You went above and beyond and I look forward to recommending you frequently.

This past August I had called you in the middle of the night because I found my downstairs living room being flooded with water damage and I had no idea where to start. Your team of guys came within a half hour and found my living room two feet under water from a pipe burst in the bathroom that must have been running for hours (I was out for the day). It had spread to the downstairs. 

Your guys removed all of the furniture from the house and quickly and professionally and removed thousands of gallons of water in a matter of a short time.  Then they put machines in to rid the house of moisture to prevent further water damage and mold. The sheet rock on all the walls kept soaking up the water. Tiles and carpeting had all been destroyed. The removal and replacement process was started that next morning which made me feel very comfortable.

That night at 2:30 in the morning you told me that I had nothing to worry about- you looked at the panic in my face and then looked me in the eyes and said “don’t worry, we are going to fix this like you’d never knew it happened!” It was absolutely true. 

Thank you so much again! I would highly recommend anyone who is stuck with an emergency situation as I was-do not hesitate to call SERVPRO from Ronkonkoma!