Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Our Tech Gives Us A Leg Up!

Our Ronkonkoma team is prepared with the necessary tools to spot water damage without causing more in the process. This thermal image camera detects differences in temperature behind a number of surfaces in order to determine damage and locate where water is coming from. This high end technology helps our team reduce the time spent looking for damage, and allows us a quicker process to bring things back to normal, “Like it never even happened.”

The Right Tools Makes All The Difference

Pictured here are a few of the appliances SERVPRO utilizes when it comes to water damage. Our air scrubber, drying fan, and dehumidifiers can all be seen here providing a remedy to a basement that sustained water damage. We work hard to remedy all issues before they become larger and more costly!

A Prepared Team Is Key!

When water damage strikes, we come prepared! This photo showcases how we use a multitude of appliances to rid areas of water damage. All of these tools have a specific function and work in sync with the others to purify air, dry it out, and move it out to allow for clean fresh air in.

Saving Money & Working Faster For You!

Getting the job done right AND saving our clients money is a big goal of ours! In this photo, you can see us using a moisture meter to precisely detect where moisture is present behind a wall. This non-invasive technology allows us to pinpoint where it is we need to be conducting our work, and saves a ton of time and unnecessary work.

Working Smarter Saves

When water damage occurs on a carpet, many fear that it needs to be totally removed and replaced -- but there are viable options that provide an effective solution. We used a special process here called ‘partial carpet floating’. This consists of lifting the carpet from the tacking in one area, and placing an air mover in the space to promote hot, dry airflow under the carpet, and on any other affected areas. This provides an effective solution with less invasive work needed!

Water Damage Fixed The Right Way!

When water and mold damage is discovered, it can be worse than originally expected -- and when that occurs, extensive work is needed to really fix the issue. SERVPRO quickly removed the surrounding sheetrock and insulation from this basement in order to clean the affected area. We also placed air scrubbers in the area to rid the air of pollutants and remove particles from floating around after the removal.