Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floated Carpet After Water Damage

We go to great lengths to do whatever we can to try to save our customers belongings.  In this case, we “floated” the carpet, to try to dry it from underneath, in an attempt to save them from having to replace their carpet.  Unfortunately, it was stained beyond repair and it had to be removed.

Utility Room Water Damage

While most of us look at open space in our home and instantly think "storage", sometime's that's just not the case. With utility spaces often boasting a little extra room, it's important to remember that your belongings shouldn't be stored in them, due to the possibility of irreversible damage. 

Moisture Reading

Taking a moisture reading as soon as we arrive at a home with water damage, allows us to deeply assess the home and advise the homeowner what will be necessary to dry out the area affected.  We continue to monitor the area throughout the entire remediation process.

Large Water Cleanup

No matter how big or small the water damage is to your home or business, we have the equipment and team to clean your space and leave it "Like it never even happened."

Bathroom Pipe Break

We hope you never come home to see your front door looking like this.  If you do, call us and we will safely handle the water damage issues associated with this chilling problem.

Water Damage Is No Problem For Our Team

If your kitchen or any room in your home is damaged by a pipe burst or other plumbing issue, the SERVPRO of Ronkonkoma team can help. We will have things back to normal in no time and make it "Like It Never Even Happened."