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Mall Fire Cleanup From Top To Bottom

Sustaining damage in a commercial space is not only costly for the business as a whole, but it can also lead to lost profits. This commercial retail store pictu... READ MORE

Storm Causes Hole & Water Damage

During a powerful wind and rain storm, a tree fell on this family’s home. Because the tree fell in the midst of the storm, further damage was caused whil... READ MORE

Bathroom Pipe Burst Done Right!

After discovering damage due to a burst pipe in this residential bathroom, SERVPRO was called to the scene to identify the source of the problem and mitigate th... READ MORE

Winter Storm Causes Frozen Pipes

When water freezes it expands, which puts tremendous pressure on pipes whether they are plastic or metal. With the winter storms in full effect last season, SE... READ MORE

Water Damage To Room

This room which experienced extensive water damage on the flooring and in other areas needed to be cleared out and secured before remediation was to begin befor... READ MORE

Mold Found In Home Window seat

Common area for mold, this window seat experienced a great deal of mold during its life which eventually needed to be fixed before it spread to other areas of t... READ MORE

Fire Damage At Local Restaurant

This local restaurant experienced a fire that required extensive remediation. Ripping out anything that sustained damage was the first step, and prepping the en... READ MORE

Fire Damage Rips Through Bedroom

It was important that after learning the source of this damaging fire that every inch of the damage trail was remediated as soon as possible to get this house b... READ MORE

Home Fire in Northport

The cloth used to stain this homes floors, was not properly stored after use and a spontaneous fire occurred, causing damage to multiple areas within the home. ... READ MORE

Sprinkler Burst

A broken sprinkler head caused a huge mess at this commercial office space causing a ton of water damage throughout the entire room, which needed to be remediat... READ MORE